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We are integrated with customers by Delighting the customers by value added services.

We have Professionals (Sales, Service administration) empowered team for quick response to feed heavy duty and automobile manufacturer’s and other customer’s needs. We endowed familiarity and trust with reputed Industries in India.

Our policy is to serve comprehensive by catering to the minute needs with the business in machinery ,automobile and materials value chain.

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Advantages of  LUBRIX
  • Absolute-volume stream regulation  individually  for each tool, therefore almost no mistake in parameter setting can be made.
  • Through regulation algorithm the parameters are easy to understand and follow.
  • Extreme fast reaction times through specialized functions.
  • Dynamic aerosol creation,therefore an optimized aerosol creation process is secured for different tool sizes.
  • Oil volume stream independent of rotation because of constant aerosol quality
  • automated refilling processes
  • Process monitoring regarding oil level, volume stream, oil flow,…
  • Based on high flexibility, systems are suited for single- or double spindle machines, as well as processes like deep hole drilling.
  • More than 3000 LUBRIX MQL-Systems are currently running .
  • MQL-Systems are technically mature through constant improvements.